Lala Idrisse

who the f*ck is Lala?

Your favorite freaky foot fetish author.

Lala Idrisse is a therapist in Ancenis, France. She specializes in person-centered counseling for teenagers and young adults. Acceptance of the own (homo-) sexuality, fetishes and bi-curiosity as well as appreciation of one’s own body are priority subjects of her sessions with teenagers of each gender. In addition, Lala patiently guides couples through small and big crises of sexual – and emotional – nature.

Lala’s husband Emmanuel escaped the traditionally conservative African environment of a Banlieue, one of the harsh, crime ridden suburbs of France, and works as a part-time waiter. Both met on a platform for alternative lifestyles – Lala guiding the young relationship, Emmanuel as a stay-at-home man, supporting her with his part-time job.

My slave husband loves that I turn the little notes I take during our roleplays into fetish art.

Lala Idrisse

In the French original “un suceur d’orteils charmante,” Lala explores her husband’s sexuality through tender invitations to bring his sexual fantasies and past adolescent crushes into narratives for her to write down. Her writings, initially mere byproducts of a lovingly humiliating game between strict “Madame Thérapeute” and shy “Monsieur Idrisse,” developed into a widely shared thread in a French fetish forum, shared several thousand times. Lala began to summarize the loose collection of erotic short stories, which without exception revolved around Emmanuel’s foot fetish and his tender submissiveness, into a book and landed surprising success as pornographic avant-garde literature: direct, enthusiastic, playful, wonderfully profound and full of affection for confident women.

Indulge in the Lala. Her first book is now available in English!


Lala Idrisse will remain anonymous. Her social media profiles are administrated by a group of friends and fans.

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